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At our 50th Reunion Banquet in 2013 we announced that this web site would be updated to include a greatly expanded Archives section about Southwest and our class.

Yes, it has been over a year, but work has steadily continued in building that collection of memorabilia and other material. Website Archivist (and "digital mechanic") Vic Damon has been the driving force on this project, and he and his small enthusiastic staff are due many kudos for what has been accomplished.

You will surely be surprised and impressed. The project is far from complete but there is plenty for you to enjoy. The Archives will continue to expand in 2015 and beyond.

Group Photos from 1988, 1995, 2003, 2013
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Many of pages on this site were created to provide information for our 50th Reunion. To simplify using the site, those pages have been removed and the remaining pages organized into a more user-friendly design. The header of the site has also been modified to reduce scrolling to see the entire page.

To log in now, click the Classmates Only button to the left. After logging in, note the new button on the Classmates Only page to View Your Profile. Please review your profile and use the Edit Profile function to update fields as needed.

55th YEAR REUNION IN 2018?? - 12/18/2014

A growing number of classmates have expressed interest in having our next reunion in 2018 instead of waiting all the way to 2023 for the 60th Year. An exploratory committee has been formed to seriously study the idea. Names and leadership of that committee will be posted here soon. As a first step, an e-mail address has been established to take the pulse of membership for their thoughts and preference (i.e., 2018 or 2023 as next?). Your comments, whether brief or long, are important and will be held confidential.
Click the email link shown below for these communications.

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