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50th Reunion Review

We had two great venues and two exceptional events with 120 classmates and over 150 people in attendance!  Many said it was our best reunion ever and that "it felt like one big, happy, loving family". And we captured it in 8 video segments!  Be sure to watch them, and also view the many still-frames captured from those videos! See links below.

Friday Evening Social

The Barn
at Alexander Majors Historic Home and Museum
83rd and State Line

Video 1 - Socializing
Video 2 - Group Photo Session

BELOW: Still Photos Extracted from above
Videos and posted on
Friday Social and Group Photos
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Saturday Night Banquet

The Event Space at Nara
1617 Main Street
Downtown K.C.

Video 1 - Socializing
Video 2 - Awards Ceremony
Video 3 - Mascot Naming Contest
Video 4 - Classmate Stories
Video 5 - Special Performance
Video 6- Closing Remarks

BELOW: Still Photos Extracted from above
Videos and posted on
Saturday Social
Saturday Stage Program

*A huge thank you goes to Vic Damon for his time consuming effort to extract still-frames
from the videos (and enhance with Photoshop) for posting on

Reunion Committee

George Cook (chair)
Carol Dart Farrell
Jon Pollock
Phyllis Biederman Roufa
Barbara Milens Atlas
Judy Zarr Kahn

Cam Schutte (chair)
Vic Damon (archivist)

Classmate Search & Contact
Jim McFerrin (chair)
Don Hilgert
Mary Ellen Culver
Rusty Davidson
Pat Taylor McLynch
Bob Woodling (Class of '61)

Class President - Chip Schmelzer
Class Vice President - Ron Bodinson


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