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Our efforts began by combining the database from past reunions then adding any names from the Commencement Class List that were not included previously.  Then research began to verify our addresses and update as new information was found.  Both mailing and emailing followed.

The goal is to have every classmate we can locate participate in our new Online Directory and Class Book whether or not they plan to attend the reunion.

The response has been impressive.  As of August15, 2013 there are 220 classmates who have joined the directory.  The remainder of our class list falls into one of the three categories shown below. Clicking on each of the buttons provides a .pdf document which can be both viewed and printed.

Please review these documents and help us to get more classmates participating in the Directory.  If you are in communication with any of these individuals, please encourage them to come to this site and Join the Directory or send us their contact information using the Contact Us Form.

Based on mailings and e-mailings, we believe we have reached these classmates.

However, none of them have responded by providing their current contact information and joining our online directory. 

We have no current contact information for this list of classmates.

Your assistance in reviewing this list and providing any information would be appreciated. 

Our research so far has determined these classmates are deceased.

If we have erred, or if you know of other deceased classmates, please contact us.


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