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Using this Site

***THIS IS NOT REQUIRED READING, but is here to provide an overview and an aid in navigating and using the site should you need it.

Our website has been created by classmate, Cam Schutte, whose business serves membership and event organizations across the country.

It is built with a product called Wild Apricot which provides robust functionality including Blog, Calendar, Member Profile and Directory,
Event Registration with online payment, Photo Albums and more - perfect for a class reunion.

To optimize your experience, we offer the following comments:

1. Since this is a membership system, the key element is the Member Profile. It can contain whatever fields are deemed appropriate for any particular organization. In our case this includes contact information and, now, Reunion Book information.

2. Though the webmaster can create an individual's profile as needed, the beauty of this site is that classmates can create and maintain their own profiles.  They essentially publish their own information for fellow classmates to see.

3. Creating a profile is as simple as filling out an online form. We are calling it Join the Directory. Once the form has been submitted you receive confirmation emails, the second one providing a temporary password.  To ensure that only our class members are included, each profile is approved which triggers a third email acknowledging that the profile is active.

4. Much of our information is available only to class members so you must use your email and password to log in. Then an additional menu item, Classmates Only, appears with additional selections for the Classmate Directory and Photo Albums.
5. Logging in also provides links to View Profile and Change Password. Clicking on View Profile puts you into functionality for editing your profile, setting your own privacy level, and adding your own photo albums. 

6. When viewing the Classmate Directory, each name appears as a link.  Clicking the link displays the full profile for that person. At the top of each profile is a "Send Email" button that makes it very easy to contact a fellow classmate.

7. The Classmate Directory also has two methods of searching for classmates - with a single keyword or by multiple criteria (called an advanced search).  This makes it much easier to find specific people.

8. The photo albums have two modes - thumbnail images and slide show.  To view larger images in slide show mode, click on any thumbnail image.

9. Unless you turn off emails in your Privacy Settings (or unsubscribe), you will be receiving email updates as plans develop.  Only classmates in the Directory will receive these as they are the only ones for which we have an email address.

10. The Calendar function actually a full event management application.  Once the events are planned, they will appear in the Events and Registration section.  A registration button will be provided that displays the options for registering and allows options for both online and manual payments.


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This site is for the use of members of the class of 1963,
Southwest High School, Kansas City, Missouri.
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